April Pyne

"Through colour and form my objective is to create works that evoke a sense of order, and with that order, peace."


April Pyne was born in Brooklyn New York and currently makes her home in Moncton, New Brunswick. Self-taught she has studied the language of abstraction while creating a language of her own. April is influenced by artists such as Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, The Russian Constructivists and mid-century Modern Design. Her work has been seen in publications such as 'Abstractions' (USA), and 'The Menteur' (France). She has exhibited at the Bougie Art Gallery, Nuage B and Georges Laoun. April's work is currently on show at Partial Gallery , Toronto. 


Artist Statement

I am a visual artist living in Moncton, New Brunswick. My work explores minimalist objects, simplified shapes and fragmented forms that are reminiscent of interiors, exteriors and sky. I am fascinated with transition spaces; doorways, stairs, paths, and bridges. I paint in acrylic, pastels and oils. With these materials I create textures that recall stones, dust and sidewalks. Through colour and form my object is to create works that evoke a sense of order, and with that order, peace.


Winter Fragments 2, 10x10", 2021
This Bright and Shining World,12x16", 2022
Winter Poem (1), 3.5x5", 2021
In the Realm of Dreams, 24x36", 2021
Epiphany, 20 x 30" , 2021
The Night City, 18 x 24", 2022
Winter Poem, 11 x 15", 2021
Spring Poem, 5 x 7", 2022
Life Through An Open Window, 8x10", 2022
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