Marshelia Williams

"I have been given a unique gift. I have the skill and ability to communicate my thoughts, feelings and beliefs on canvas.  My faith and the colors of this world guide my intuitive process. I create for myself, but love when others find a piece that speaks to them."


Marshelia Williams is a mixed media artist, abstract intuitive painter, and art instructor.  Marshelia's body of work is inspired by her faith, colour, and the intuitive painting process.  Her use of colour and textured brush strokes create movement, translating motion and life in many of her paintings. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Western Michigan University and her Master of Education from Wayne State University.  As a painter and mixed media artist, Marshelia is ready to experiment, blending many forms of materials, transforming them into works of art. Although she is a full-time art teacher, she has also taken her love of teaching and captured it into art workshops for both youth and adults, inspiring them to break out of their comfort zones and explore. When she is not teaching, she uses much of her time creating art in her studio which is in Southeast Michigan, USA.


Beauty Still Remains, 10x10" mixed media on deep wood panel.



 July, 5x7" mixed media on paper.


East, 16 x 40 x 1.5", mixed media on canvas.



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